Dave Gunning Signature Guitar


A guitar that celebrates the unique playing style and musical flavour of Atlantic Canada's Award-winning artist Dave Gunning.

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You won't find cracks and splinters inside the Dave Gunning Signature Guitar. Ready to be fitted with your choice of pickups, but of course you'll choose a K&K.

Environmentally Conscious

Dave Gunning donated many of his old guitars for recycling into the manufacturing of the Dave Gunning Signature Guitar. As most of the fretboards were completely untouched on these guitars, each guitar comes with what is effectively a brand new fretboard and one that's been on the road with Gunning himself.


The Dave Gunning Signature Guitar has a bespoke short fretboard, eliminating all of the dead space in the middle, and saving incredible amounts of money on capos.


Travelling artists will appreciate this compact signature guitar. Gunning finds that it fits comfortably in the boot of even the most cramped vehicles while hitchhiking from gig to gig.

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Production has begun on the Dave Gunning Signature Guitar. Check back here for inventory and ordering information!